User Rights Management

User Rights Management

User Rights Management is a security feature that controls what resources (such as tools, applications, data, devices, files, networks, systems) the user can access and what actions the user can take to perform those resources.

User Rights Management generally includes the following:

• Create an authorization grant profile to access specific resources and perform specific actions.

• Create groups and/or functions.

• Assign groups or roles to a specific rights profile to inherit rights from the profile.

• Assign each user to one or several groups and roles.

• Add, update, or delete a profile, group, role, or user.

With User Access Management, IT administrators can securely manage access to services and resources for all users in the organization. TheCime technology lets you create and manage users and groups, and assign permissions based on user attributes using cloud-based solutions.

You can also make sure your company’s security policies are adhered to. Techcource1 can enforce password rules across the enterprise and for groups with the potential for complexity. For additional security for mobile users, our flexible Multifactor Authentication solution (MFA) provides early access to specific applications and system personnel and requires advanced authorization as needed.


Run your identity policy for all users, devices, and cloud and local applications.


Remove persistent integration and security projects; manual uninstall, password reintegration and shadow police work.


Enable users to quickly get started with the applications they need and fully comply with their identity policies.

This significantly increases productivity and maintains the data.