Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Speed up Your Business: a simple solution for calls, messaging, meetings, and team collaboration

Take collaboration and productivity to the next level. Provide your employees with a unique solution for calls, messaging, meetings, and teamwork – all with the same ease of use you get from our solution.

Reducing complexity cuts security risks and productivity drain due to various work environment solutions. Your team is more connected and empowered, becomes a stronger supporter of the buyer and brings loyalty to your brand.

TheCime is a leading provider of unified communications solutions and can deliver them the way you need them – in space or private, public or hybrid cloud.

A package for constant communication

The only solution in the cloud that meets your needs in a flexible and powerful unified communications package

The TheCime is the only cloud-based service provider that provides superior corporate telephone services, collaboration, and virtual meetings – and a business-ready enterprise solution – in a range of unified communications securely and reliably.

Access all your communications in a convenient communication solution. With our Unified Communications Package, you will receive corporate telephone services, virtual meetings, video conferencing and all the resources your employees enjoy, Presence Awareness, Mobile Applications, Visual Voicemail and more. Also, our multi-channel contact center solution provides exceptional customer service.

Work together, seamlessly.

Use the same rewarding user experience across all communication features and devices. You can easily access phone, conference and call center services from your browser, even your favorite CRM tools. Our superior integration makes this possible.