Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

TheCime IT Infrastructure Management Service (IMS) focuses on the proactive management and administering of technology, information, and data. The area of specialization ranges from desktops to networks, storage, data, and security cloud services.

IT infrastructure management 24×7 support

Does your business require your IT systems and data to be fully supported and available around the clock, 24/7? Does your team support the breadth of technology that your business relies on? Managing your infrastructure is an essential part of IT operations. As a team, however, you need to strike the right balance between standard support and delivering new, innovative services.

If your business was a stage performance, those who manage your IMS are your heroes behind the scenes. Without controlling the technology your business supports, you may be terrified of stage errors or no show!

Our extensive portfolio of service offerings cut

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across the entire system of the Plan Build Run Monitor with infrastructures. These include data center, end-user computing, enterprise network and security, IT infrastructure management and transformation.

TheCime Infrastructure Management Services helps organizations maintain and enhance the performance and availability of their production environments through the agility approach, using new technologies, methods, and tools. By introducing BPA, RPA and the putting infrastructure as code companies will maximize the efficiency of critical features by focusing on more strategic activities that improve the user experience and lowers operational costs.

Our infrastructure management services include:

Support services for end users

Data center operations

IT business processes


Telecom and more