Flat Rate

Flat Rate

Small and medium-sized businesses need to be effective in order to be competitive. TheCime is about efficiency. We offer a wide range of quality IT consulting services to companies looking to leverage their IT operations for increased productivity and ultimately profitability.

With managed and leveraged IT services, we provide proactive maintenance.

We are focused on reducing your costs, increasing productivity and minimizing the risks of your business. We work with you as your virtual IT department. So you can focus on your business and not on your technology.

We provide multiple management and tracking plan with fair and friendly pricing, predictable costs and scalable features. You only pay for the IT service your business uses or require and the price doesn’t increase unnecessarily.

Our Flat-rate IT system support:

• Provides a dedicated support service for the company

• Monitors and maintains the system, even if the company closes its doors at night.

• Complete security, software upgrade and compliance at no additional cost.

• There are no overtime fees.

• No more costs for emergency and data recovery.

• Ensures the expected service level.

• Removes expensive IT crashes and downtime.

Contact us today and let out personnel’s effectively balance the budget and plan for predictable prices. Our flat-rate IT package goes a long way than the hourly IT service strategy that you and many other businesses are used to.