Email Spam

Email Spam

Let TheCime protect your hosted emails with the best spam, viruses, and malware filters. E-mail is critical to the success of your business. Viruses and unwanted e-mail scandals for your e-mail reduce employee productivity and prevent important messages from being transmitted.

Blocks 99.9% of spam, viruses, and other threats received via email

TheCime, a leader in spam filtering, controls, cleans and protects against unwanted email and blocks unwanted email, viruses, and malware.

TheCime extensive experience and partnerships with cloud service providers makes it easy to move emails in the cloud to be easier and more accessible than ever before!

Real-time blacklist

Protect your business by blocking spam in real time.


Protect your business anywhere with a cloud-based system.

Detection of viruses and malicious software

Block viruses and malware that affect your business.

Check outgoing emails

Make sure that no malicious e-mails are sent from your business e-mails.

Free technical support

We provide excellent free technical support from live technicians.

  • Filter your company’s email traffic

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    to prevent unsolicited email from being sent to the user
  • Multilayer analysis of spam detection, including real-time blacklisting, SURBLs, sender policy structures, and Bayesian analysis
  • They know that users never lose the right e-mail, but are protected from unwanted e-mail

Take your email protection to a higher level

The nature of email threats is changing. Ransomware, identity theft, and blackmail are on the rise, and standard spam filtering cannot detect these new threats. Enhanced SMS threat protection protects your corporate network from these advanced attacks