Collaborative Operations

Collaborative Operations

TheCime is your company’s communication and collaboration centre.

Cooperation Operation

Are you fully realizing the potential of big data for IT Managed company operations?

TheCime Collaborative operations connect employees in factories, headquarters, giving them the right information to make their business more profitable.

Intelligent integration into engineering, infrastructure, applications, and services delivers new insights from factory data and enables faster, smarter decision-making.

The focus of TheCime cooperation is your facility. In a typical collaborative operating solution, TheCime designs remote client tracking centres and integrates tracking with the Collaborative Operations Centre. Field devices are installed to collect data, and data analysis is used to identify, categorize and prioritize quickly. For further financial analysis and decision-making, you will establish common communication protocols between you and the technical centres of TheCime and your headquarters.

Manage projects and tasks with ease

Schedule visually on the timeline

Centralize communication in one place

TheCime can improve data analysis to reduce costs, reduce schedules, and reduce risk through properly integrated scans.

Key Benefits:

1. Permanent cooperation and access to experts

2. Good business decisions through detailed data analysis

3. Higher productivity through better real performance

4. Better communication between you and TheCime

5. Increased safety, less risk, and lower costs