Backup And Disaster Recovery

Backup And Disaster Recovery

Do not wait for the worst scenario. With TheCime disaster recovery (DR) and backup solutions, you can read information about your customers’ data to make sure your business is secure.

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A TheCime IT backup and recovery technology makes it easy to back up and archive data so you can be sure that your customer data is protected.

Our intelligent backup solution ensures efficient use of network and storage resources for short backups and recovery times. Consolidating several data sources into one compressed and deployed core master data package reduces data storage requirements with no compromise on the integrity or security of your data.

Backed-up data is independently managed, replicated and stored in two separate databases. Frequently, automatic data checks are performed on each database to ensure consistency, resilience, and availability of consistent data.

Swift response to disaster recovery

With our cloud disaster recovery service, you can stay operational in the event of a disaster. When you are running on our business continuity plan and managed IT services, we regularly register your IT system, with an on-site imaging server, and a secondary cloud backup to get you back on business track in few hours. With everything backed up, your team has remote access from anywhere, reducing the range errors completely. Since you pay on a monthly basis, you get a great recovery after a disaster without having to make large investments in advance.

Is your company shielded from disaster?

The Disaster Recovery Service TheCime provides come with a secure cloud-based environment that acts as a mirror to your main site. So in case of a major disaster, you can quickly restore the systems at the DR site. We work towards enlightening you about your recovery point objectives (RPOs), recovery time objective (RTO), and your present business connection to design and develop a solution that combines our connectivity services.