IT Services

Business speed is increasing faster than ever, as your customers expect. At the same time, all companies are becoming digital companies behind the growing complexity of IT: new threats, new data sources, new business models. If you do not adapt, you cannot compete. Your digital transformation depends on flexibility - always ahead of what's next. Modern information systems are constantly changing-new software versions, new work practices, and the growing threat of malicious software require all networks to be continuously maintained and managed.

Embedded Software Development and Implementation

Our development and implementation activities range across application software development, Platform development, host interface development re-platforming and porting / migration(OS or controller). BIOS customization, board support packages (BSP), middleware, protocol stack development, integration and feature enhancement along with UX and UI development among others.

A Faster handling of IT complexity

For extreme flexibility, rapidity, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. Our IT services help our customers make the most of their IT investments, from providing system integration solutions, application development and management services and more.

We have Certified Engineers

Cisco Certified CCNA. Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform, Internet of Things and Embedded Systems, Integrating Smart IoT Devices.

Optimize your infrastructure

Build the right mix of optimized infrastructure solutions - from the ground up to the core - for current and future applications, as well as for consulting and design service data delivered through daily support.

Simplify the IT life cycle

It goes beyond the technological problem of digital transformation and dealing with other aspects of culture, measurement, management skills, and change, as well as new financing approaches and the potential of IT consumption.

Accelerate innovation

Improve execution and turnaround times with fast and continuous deployment of projects by separating the transformation process from a series of dozens, if not hundreds, of projects and milestones that occur in every aspect of your business.

Trust the best partners in the business model

Learn about the key technologies and partners to solve your unique problem. Quickly capture new technologies and scale them with your existing environment and ecosystem of providers, without taking on new complexity and risks.


We provide a complete IT management package in one location, including anti-virus protection, upgrade, monitoring, inventory control, compliance, and license analysis of the causes of reactive issues.


We have an extensive response team that includes a central help desk in Chicago and on-site support.


Even if you move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, you still need someone to manage it. You cannot leave everything and hope for the best - what happens if something goes wrong?

Two approaches

When managing IT systems, you have two options: You can hire your own internal IT team or an external IT support specialist like us.

Difficult and risky

Hiring an internal IT staff can be difficult and dangerous. This is a big blow to the budget of smaller companies and can be a nightmare for large firms.


Sourcing for a real IT team is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming, especially if you do not know to conduct a job interview effectively.

Friendly staff

Unlike most other IT support companies, we have almost no staff turnover. This means that our customers can meet the engineers here and work with the same people through a series of projects. This is often commented on as useful and very rare.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

The internal IT staffs are under your supervision, which means you need to motivate and manage your work. Do you really need to add this to create your daily list of commitments? The in-house team also specializes in smaller IT areas. This means that you have to hire a whole team. The skills are usually limited to some systems already being worked on. All this leads to IT costs going higher than expected.

Reliable and proactive IT services

Our managed IT service provides proactive support for the entire IT infrastructure and is designed to work in a business world that uses the combination of on-premises cloud and on-premises services.

External Infrastructure Service

The outsourcing of IT support to a specialized service provider like us makes sense. We can give you insights that rely on many years of industry experience to provide you with valuable tips. You do not have to worry about bad days, training and general management, and we can introduce the latest systems that will benefit your business as soon as they appear on the market. It's a smart, cost-effective solution that ensures your IT department supports your business in achieving your goals.

On-Site & Remote Site

If you need Remote Management or Site Engineer support five days a week, we can offer a comprehensive, ”no grey areas” value-for-money relationship - and your IT infrastructure from a barrier to a competitive advantage turn.

Can IT services manage your business?

The zeal for introducing managed IT services can vary from company to company. For most customers in the middle market, their normal moves are:
  • Entry into new markets
  • Business flexibility
  • Support around the clock
  • Present service performance
  • Increase IT costs
  • Predictable monthly expenses
  • Business growth
  • Adoption of new technologies
  • Connections and acquisitions
  • IT skills implementation

If any of these situations suit you and you have more than 30 IT users, maybe it's time to talk to us. With our cost-effective, high-quality managed services; you get efficient and innovative IT management that adapts quickly, without investing in capital or the number of people who would usually require such a process.

Critical features of TheCime managed IT services

Customize your IT service Indicate the scope and flexibility of your business Competence, resources, and technology without investment Replace variable costs with predictable monthly payments 24/7/365 operations centers around US. The TheCime solution, which gives users 100% support and service requests Access professional features and value-adding skills Monthly personalized reports on contracted IT services

Would you like to switch to a new IT service provider?

Then we are happy to talk to you! Our most successful partnerships include organizations that have moved from the existing service provider to TheCime. The reasons why they switched are numberless. Some simply grew over the existing partner and sought TheCime for a more advanced service. Others need 24-hour IT support through fast growth, and the existing partner could not provide it.