Network Monitoring and security

Network Monitoring And Security

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring involves the identification of critical information resources important to your business and assesses the effectiveness of your current network security. Once that’s done, we’ll implement 24×7 live network security monitoring and take effective, real-time countermeasures to protect your system against possible attacks.

Effective network security requires careful monitoring of the entire infrastructure. However, few numbers of organizations have the resources to fill an effective team of security experts around the clock. TheCime systems surveillance solutions help you reduce false and identify the right threats for you. Our specialized security analysts monitor your network 24-hours to provide a detailed analysis of your security activities and fix vulnerabilities and threats.

Automated network monitoring

TheCime’s comprehensive automation for hundreds of vendors provides complex network coverage regardless of whether local or advanced capabilities are available across multiple data centers or user environments.

Firewalls, routers, and switches

Wireless devices and access points

Load balancer and application delivery drivers

Network and SAN storage

AWS ELB, Route 53 and more

Scalable monitoring for the infrastructure of tomorrow

TheCime provides critical insight into your on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments and applications that run without excessive visual noise.

Network Security

Our online security management services include world-class threats, advanced detection technology, and 24×7 security analyst coverage to protect your network.


Complete security check

Security Event Monitoring

Compliance Tracking

Endpoint monitoring with the host agent

Behavior monitoring

Monitoring network and system behavior are critical to detecting unknown threats. It is also useful for investigating suspicious behavior and violating rules.

TheCime’s solution is designed to understand “normal” systems and network activities using internal monitoring behavior. Our solution responds to incidents while investigating an operational problem or potential incident.